The National Team Leader (NTL) sets the spiritual temperature and strategic direction for the national ministry, so growth in this leadership role leads to the accomplishment of the organizational Calling; fulfillment of the Great Commission. The NTL leads this vision by delivering to the mission of 1) self-sustaining movements, 2) achieving national scope and 3) contributing to global movements everywhere so that everyone knows someone who truly follows Jesus according to the defined NTL Roles and Expectations.


The training was created with these principles (adult education) in mind:

-> An experience and environment of “lift and hope”

-> Flexible and contextualized for individual NTL and national ministry needs

-> Focus on NTL getting to missional results

-> Coaching emphasis

-> Connection in learning community and team collaboration

-> Clear and measurable development goals


The NTL Development content is designed to accomplish the learning outcomes for each of the elements in the NTL’s job.


1.    Leading Spiritually*


2.    Leading Strategically*

3.    Leading with a Team*

4.    Partnering

5.    Developing Leaders*

6.    Planning for Succession*

7.   Leading over Distance

8.   Leading Multi-Culturally


9.    Leading as a Steward

10.  Transforming Conflict

11.  Developing Funds*

12.  Managing Finances*

13.  Corporate Leadership*

* Essential for all NTLs

The ATL is responsible for engaging the NTLs in choosing selectively from the available content to focus on their development needs.

This material is not expected to be used like New Staff Training—all participants going through the same material at the same time. Instead, ATLs should help NTLs master the module content of the NTL Development as it is relevant for the individual and the national ministry situation.


Each module of core content is designed for various learning environments with built-in flexibility so each Area Team Leader can determine the best option – or combination of options – to meet specific personal or national ministry developmental goals.

Each module contains an overview that suggests resources for each delivery option. See Module Overview Definitions

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The ATL-NTL Coaching relationship is considered to be the primary method for content delivery. The coaching option benefits specific application of the learning with built-in follow-up and accountability.

2.    EVENT

A development event is good for alignment, peer-learning, peer-coaching and fellowship. Some learning could be done at a conference event, but the majority of learning takes place in on-going coaching and application experiences. The “finish line” is not the last day of a conference, but rather the life transformation and accompanying results of the development. Moving the Finish Line


The national team activities option encourages a team learning environment and working together on development goals, focusing on application and implementation of the content in the national ministry context.


The self study option allows an NTL to access excellent content directly for on-demand, self-paced learning based on specific, immediate needs.


When self-study or event options are chosen, coaching will still be the necessary foundation for life and leadership change. This would also include peer-to-peer coaching.


We encourage the NTL to take the NTL Self-Assessment and find his or her top two and bottom two areas of confidence and need. This can also be taken before an event to assess needs, prime the pump for learning, and help the NTLs begin to familiarize themselves with the training outcomes. The NTL Self-Assessment can also be taken 6-12 months after the training to measure growth and progress.


Remember, the NTL leads this vision by delivering to the mission of:

1.    Self-sustaining movements

2.    Achieving national scope

3.   Contributing to global movements everywhere so that everyone knows someone who truly follows Jesus.